Monday, June 5, 2017

Newport Marathon 2017

June 3rd....Newport Marathon 2017! 
ZaoFit Marathon Group! Claudia, Kristi, Olivia, Tonya, Julie, Jerry, Nicki, Kim

June 3rd marked my fifth year of running Newport Marathon.  This was Newports 19th year! It was also my 11th marathon to date!  
This was going to be a great race for me!  I had a good training plan and was going strong. I had lots of great people to train with. Newport is also my favorite marathon course to race at.
Things don't always go as planned!
 Injury hit about two months ago.  The good news, it wasn't a terrible injury.  The bad news, it was bad enough to lose some crucial workouts.  
A month ago I wasn't sure if I would be able to complete the full 26.2 miles on June 3rd. As time moved on, I did heal up and was able to run that day.
Running is a gift!
I have often use the term, "Running is a gift!"  It sure is and I was so thankful to just be able to run June 3rd. The truth is...I was still really disappointed!
Race day! 
Race morning went very smooth.  I got some sleep, woke up and fueled up.  My husband and I picked up some friends and also saw friends at the starting line.  The weather was pretty near perfect!  I was able to use the port-a-pots a couple times and get a little warm up in!  
I was as ready as I could be!
7:00am and we were off. Some of my friends started in front of me, some behind me.  I wasn't sure where I should be, but even with some lost training, I had some goals.  
My first few miles were wonderful.  I meet two girls from South Dakota named Kara and Sarah.  Kara and Sarah had the same goal
as me and they were good company.  I ran with them!  Around mile three my friend Kristi joined us.  Life was good!  Miles 4, 5, was going to be a good day. 
I was watching pace and knew we were running a little ahead of what the goal was.  I needed to slow it down.  As I slowed it down, they went ahead!  I kept them in sight but knew I shouldn't be at that pace so early on and I was ok.
I was now heading out of town for the out and back part of the race. I always had people around me but wasn't crowded.  
My friends were getting further and further away from me as the miles passed.  
As I got closer to the turn-a-round (mile 15.5) I began looking for people I knew.  One of the things I love about Newport, it the ability to get to see everyone running that day with that turn-a-round.
All my friends were looking good and still going strong.  I was too, for the most part.  I was starting to feel tired but that is pretty normal.  My pace was starting to slip slightly, but I was still running.  
Confession time!
I can't remember the first time I walked but when I look back at my Garmin grafts, it looks like it was at mile 17.5.  My friend Kristi continued to run with me off and on.  Chris also jumped in with us and ran with some encouraging words.  It still was ok, but not good!  I was beginning to have some stomach issues. Nothing too major, I just hurt.  I began to feel like I needed to puke.  Thus began the waking game.  Once I begin the walking game, it's all over! 
I don't like to walk during my races, but if it's not going well and I know I can't fight, I do sometimes walk.  I had realized my "lack of training" left me unprepared for this day.  Yes, I was thankful to be running, but I also thought the whole idea was stupid at this point.  
Kristi was able to keep at it and I was happy to see her move on.  She didn't need to be a part of my little pity party!  She's better than that!  Chris on the other hand was going to be a part of it.  He was a good friend and a great sport!  Never a mean word, just encouraged me to keep moving forward and not to be too quick to walk a lot.  
With a few miles to go, I was on my own to finish.  Chris left to go encourage another person running the marathon that day. I kept going, knowing that at my worst, I could indeed go three more stupid miles!  I found some encouragers out there during that last 5k.  Other runners keeping me going.  As painful as it was, it was rather awesome at the same time.  I really don't know how else to describe it!
The finish line.

The finish line is always such a special place.  Today it was extra special.  Not because I did well, I didn't do well.  It was because of the people at the finish line that day.  My husband was there waiting. My Dad was waiting. My friend Alan
from Uberthons was there.  My two besties were there, Tonya and Kristi!  They yelled my name and took my picture as if I just ran the best race ever!  And you know what?  I was done!!!!!  I ran through the finishers shoot.  I heard my name over the loudspeaker.  I was handed a beautiful hand made glass finisher medal.
 I was given an emergency thermal blanket.  I looked like a
baked potato.  I was so thankful for that blanket. After running, I felt a chill.  That blanket stayed with me for a good hour!
I was giving some nuts and fruit.  I took a bit of nuts and tossed the rest.  I couldn't eat yet!
I was just happy.  Happy it was over.  Happy to with some of my favorite people!
A few more people I knew were coming in.  What a joy it was to see friends finishing.  Especially the first time marathon runners.  I am so proud of my friends!  They have all worked so hard!
We did it girls!!!!!!

I finally walked over the get my finisher's shirt and by this time I was rungry!  I told the teenagers that were running the food booth to give me everything!  They were so nice!  I got a 1/4 sandwich, watermelon, orange slices, bananas and nuts.  I ate one nut and the watermelon and tossed the rest.  I needed a drink!  I was feeling sick to my stomach.  You can see how messed up this all is!  The aftermath can be horrible.  I sat for a long time!  I enjoyed watching friends mingle and be happy together.  I sat with my Dad and husband and complained.  They are such great guys!!!! My Dad was still proud of me and picked me up an awesome marathon sweatshirt.  I was ready for a nap. My stomach still hurt an hour later and my head was throbbing.  It was time to go back to the hotel and sleep.
What's ahead?
As for the marathon, I still have a goal.  I will run that goal someday.  I don't have my next marathon picked out yet.  I just ran two days ago and I need some time.
I do feel like I didn't get my race.  I left Newport feeling slightly gypped.  I will take some time to recover. After I recover, I feel my injury is well enough to continue with some good training runs.  I will be working at a goal I have for the Uberthons Summer Event on June 22nd.  I'll be running the half marathon. I would LOVE to have you join me on the Banks to Vernonia trail!  There is also a quarter marathon and a "full" marathon that day as well
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A big thank you to Umpqua Oats who fueled all my long runs and
supplied samples for many of my running friends! I am going to continue to fuel with Umpqua Oats because they are good for you, they taste great, and they don't upset my stomach!!!!

I will do my best to try and have a positive attitude about this marathon! It's a difficult thing to do after trying so hard for something, seeing goals come close, then having it slip away! Working so hard for something and "failing" is very heartbreaking but you know what?  I will continue! When I do meet my goal, it's gonna be all the more sweeter!
This is my husband's time!!!! Wow! Great job Jerry!
Julie Mullins
Division (age) 14/47
93/254 Women racers

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  1. I just posted a whole comment and it disappeared! Boo. :-( Basically I said you are awesome and I am so impressed that you ran the marathon even knowing you weren't your strongest due to your break in training because of the injury. You still ran at 100% and did your best and made new friends. Every mile ran is another mile in your bank. It will all add up to the magical BQ, I have no doubt! You are already capable of it, you just need to be injury free. You will even get stronger from this. I can't wait to read your report when you BQ for 2018. :-) You are inspiring and I am glad we are on this journey together. I have learned so much from you! Congrats on another marathon!!!